These works came out of an investigation into a particular genre of homewares that I believe are endemic to the Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. My investigation was focused on ‘old-timey’ gift shops – objects that have been manufactured to look old, even though they are new.  I call these objects “Alien Antiques” –  confused temporal and material signifiers in objects and images which imitate an earlier period, style or fashion. In other words, contemporary objects that have been filtered through a warped historical — or more specifically, a Victorian-era lens.

Based in typologies of contemporary kitsch, I created a series of sculptural and video works to imagine these objects hailing from another dimension. I connected the proliferation of these objects in the Dandenongs with the high level of UFO sightings in the area, detecting a causal connection between the sightings and the ‘invasion’ of faux antiques into local shops and homes. The video work to come out of this project imitates a youtube UFO compilation video except I have replaced UFOs with ladies hats. All of the footage was shot by me in the Dandenongs.


Ghosts before Breakfast” video  4m36s 

The following are installation photographs of two exhibitions on the theme of Alien Antiques. Works are made using a combination of 3D printing, laser cutting, casting, painting and the incorporation of found objects.

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