“Allow me to describe a most marvelous phenomenon as witnessed by myself and family on Wednesday evening from half past 6 o’clock until about 8 o’clock. I was sitting at the time at my back door…

…through a rift or opening in the trees planted in the street in which I live, my eye was suddenly arrested by the appearance, apparently of numberless vehicles in the shape of ladies hats, which were in quick succession following one another on the top of the hill and going down towards Belgrave.

I am aware that strange things are sometimes seen, caused by the refraction of the sun’s rays, but that must be, I suppose, while the sun is above the horizon. But in this case the sun had set before I saw them at all, and they continued to pour along until darkness shut them from my sight.”

Alien Antique- adjective [eyl-yuh n] [an-teek]

1. confused temporal and material signifiers in objects and images which imitate an earlier period, style or fashion