INRI CRISTO is a Brazilian philosopher and educator who claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnate. Having lived 2000 years ago in Palestine and now in 21st century Brazil, INRI has synthesized seamlessly his past life with his modern life claiming even his motorcycle as something of a modern day donkey. INRI’s life transgresses language, time and space while speaking to the meaning and value we give to ideas, people and things. For Primavera, Sean Peoples investigates these themes though a series of sculptures using 3D printing and everyday objects. In addition to the sculptures, Peoples presents a video work in which INRI CRISTO speaks of how numinous experience and wonder can be transferred in a time when many find religion tied to a past whose magic cannot be updated: ‘In the future there will not be religious art, no one will survive at the cost of religious art. Art will always continue to be something sublime, important, since it is inspired by GOD.’

Democritus, a Greek thinker from the fifth century BC, introduced the hypothesis that images act as a kind of emanation from external objects that move through the air and physically make an impression on our bodies. He deduced that sensation (aesthesis) and thought (noesis) emerge from this influence and that these emanations could enter the pores of a sleeping person to create dreams. To test the idea that images and ideas themselves are tangible things, that they have a ‘thingness’ that might affect us, The Telepathy Project (Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent) performed 20 days of Dream Telepathy while sharing an apartment together on an Australia Council residency. Every evening before they went to sleep (in separate bedrooms at opposite ends of the apartment) they would hide something (small and flat) in an envelope and place it under each other’s pillow. They would then sleep with the objects resting underneath their pillows and in the morning they would meet in the studio to recount each other’s dreams. They would then open the envelope from the night before to see if the image inside had seeped into or influenced their dream. Their work for Primavera uses selected dreams from this project as the subject for a series of collaborative paintings.