“The Bible says “Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened unto you.” Well, I had been knocking on that door for 39 years and one morning in 2006, I was praying as I had never prayed before. I was very tired, worn out by the vicissitudes of life and there had been many, and my search for Christ had led me into many dead-ends. I felt like a weary traveller who had reached the end of his journey and found there was nowhere else to go. I specifically asked God “Where is Jesus Christ? He promised to return so why didn’t He, and if he has returned where is He?” There was no response, however, that night a voice in my head told me to go to the computer. I arose from my bed and I placed my hands on the computer keyboard. I do not know to this day what I typed in but a page of grouped numbers appeared and I clicked on a number and there was Inri Cristo. I immediately recognized him and a flood of old feelings poured into my soul. I immediately wrote to him telling him of all my woes and concerns, my heartaches, disappointments etc. I received an immediate reply and shortly afterwards started a study group in order to share Inri’s teachings with others. Since then I have travelled to Brazil to meet Inri Cristo and he exceeded all of my expectations. I am grateful that God heard my pleas and reconnected me with His son.

Approximately five years ago, I was disseminating Inri’s teachings at a Mind Body Spirit Festival. I knew that I was to meet some person who had a destiny with Inri Cristo. Sean Peoples was the last person to approach our stall on the last day of the festival and I knew that he was the lynchpin in our mission to bring Inri’s teachings to Australia.”

Marlene West 2013