In continuing projects we find new dimensions, decisions are informed and we move on.

Continuing on from three Melbourne biennials all of which have ignored the fundamental underpinning of a biennial (that it happens every two years) and two of which have also ignored links to institutions and place, the Third/Fourth Melbourne Biennial aims to engage all past Melbourne Biennials and other projects generated either side of them.

The Second/First artist facilitated Biennial focused on an artist-curated model outside of the institution and state, compensating somewhat for Melbourne’s lack of a second biennial, and for the lack of affordable rental space in Melbourne to start dialogues. The Second/Third Biennial stood as a bookend to a two-year artist facilitated project (Y3K) engaged with a local and international conversation, and refined focuses. This upcoming biennial will engage a more amorphous construction: tying up loose ends, reinvestigating and continuing various overlaps, collaborations, conversations and relationships.

Dan Arps, Sean Bailey, Olivia Barrett, Matthew Benjamin, Jon Campbell, Trevelyan Clay, Fiona Connor and Michala Paludan, James Deutsher, DoubleFly, George Egerton Warbuton, Endless Lonely Planet, ffiXXed, Alicia Frankovich, Justin K Fuller, Marco Fusinato, Greatist Hits, Ardi Gunawan, Hao Guo, Christopher L G Hill, Matt Hinkley, David Homewood, Matthew Hopkins, Lou Hubbard, Renee Jaeger, Helen Johnson, Kenneth Biennale (curated by Kenneth Pittock: Chris Clarke, Christo Crocker, Christina Hayes, Chris L G Hill, Christine Pittock, Christopher Sciuto), Legendary Hearts (Kieran Hegarty and Andrew Cowie), S.T. Lore, Patrick Lunberg, Carrie McGrath, Rob McKenzie, Nick Magan, Gian Manik, Kate Meakin, Adelle Mills, Tahi Moore, Kate Newby, Elizabeth Newman, Virginia Overall, Sean Peoples, Joshua Petherick, Kain Picken, Lisa Radford, and Sam George, Nick Selenitsch, Kate Smith, Sydney (Esther Edquist), Masato Takasaka, Ben Tankard, Alex Vivian, Nicki Wynnychuk, y3k.

Coordinated by Christopher L G Hill.